Eddie Botes

Corporate Culture Speaker | Leadershift

For a decade and a half, Eddie has been inspiring and challenging audiences to think differently in a world that is changing faster than we can imagine. He has spoken and trained in eight countries with audiences as diverse as corporate executives in multi-national organizations to traditional leaders from some of the most remote locations on the planet.

He is the founder of LeaderShift, an organization dedicated to inspiring and developing greatness in leaders and helping organizations manage talent effectively by offering state of the art profiling and assessment tools designed for job match, succession planning, coaching and development.

Eddie is passionate about the pursuit of learning and the gaining of new knowledge. He is a student of the great thinkers and is particularly interested in the changing nature of work and how it will impact on individuals and organizations going into the future.

Eddie's authentic, engaging and dynamic presentation style combined with meaningful content will push the boundaries of your current thinking and challenge you to see yourself, your company and other people through new lenses. He has the ability to connect with audiences across the boundaries of age, gender, race, social status or belief system and the message he leaves will linger long in the minds of delegates and inspire them to take meaningful action.

He is a member of the Professional speakers association of Southern Africa and is the current President of the Cape Town chapter. He is also a member of the Global Speakers Federation.

He has spoken and trained extensively in Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa for organizations like UBA, EcoBank, Stanbic, BMW, VW, Ford, Renault, Santam, TEC, Engen, Eskom, Copperbelt energy corporation, ZESCO, Kariba North Bank, BP Africa, Saldanha steel, ZANACO, Zambezi river authority, Madison insurance, Mass Discounters, Masscash, DUT, Network configurations, Dept of correctional services, Dept of local Govt and traditional affairs, Ndola lime and many others. He lives in South Africa and travels from Cape Town.

Topic: ‘Building a Successful Sales Culture”

If you're in the business to business sales world, you depend a lot on your team to collaborate, close sales and to make you money. I am betting that you have invested heavily in making sure your sales people understand the sales process, they understand the product they are selling, and the value that it adds. They can probably nail their sales pitch better than Jerry McGuire.

All this means little though, if you have a toxic, dysfunctional sales culture. The collective sum of the attitudes, values, beliefs and habits that characterize your team will determine your success in the end.

The Harvard Businees Review found that companies with a positive culture increase operating income by as much as nineteen percent and earnings by more than 28 percent.

Paul Foh

Member, Forbes Coaches Council | Sales Factory Africa | Nigeria

Paul is the CEO of Sales Factory Africa. A sales recruiting, training and media business. With Office offices in: Dubai, Lagos and London.  He is a Forbes Coaches Council Member.

He writes for Forbes.com and he has written 200+ articles in his bestselling newsletter THE FOH LETTERS which 11,000+ small business owners read religiously weekly.

He is the author of 7 published books, Paul Foh has been featured on CNN and other international publications. He runs the largest whatsapp group sales training subscription EDTech Business in Africa with over 1,000 active subscribers

Paul has spoken twice on sales at the prestigious Lagos Business School, he has spoken twice at the global TEDx conference and the Nigeria British Chamber of Commerce. He is currently the resident sales coach  for 2 multiple multi billion Naira real estate companies He has been married for 15 years to Vivian and together they are blessed with 3 children.

Topic: "How to Generate Demand and Close Sales Using Content"

Daniel Sarpong Jnr

Global Sales & Marketing Coach |Author | Sales Mastery Academy

Daniel is a highly sought-after business coach/consultant with almost a decade of exceptional success at delivering unprecedented results in top-level management within major multinational organizations.

Daniel started his career as a struggling sales executive who failed woefully at his sales role and was almost fired, despite hard work and passion for the role. Instead of giving up on sales like many do, he decided to master the skill, so he can teach other executives and businesses who are also struggling with sales. With mastery came promotions and major global opportunities to share his gift.

With the rich experience, expertise and knowledge harnessed in his roles as Head of Digital Strategy, Marketing & Sales in three(3) different multinationals headquartered in Switzerland, Sweden and Ukraine, Daniel is currently on a journey to transfer the globally proven skills, strategies and knowledge to help other businesses across the world grow seamlessly.

Daniel worked as the Head of Marketing & Digital Strategy & Sales for Tonaton Gh Ltd; an e-commerce and classifieds company, which caused a digital transformation and led the revolution of digital commerce for the over 30 million inhabitants of Ghana, West Africa.

His role ensured the breaking of the market for retail platforms in Ghana which easily birthed acceptance and an easy establishment of other big brands like Jumia and allowed Ghanaians to easily accept all forms of trust, pay and receive.

Daniel has contributed and been involved in the digital growth & transformation strategies of other global 500 companies including Coca-Cola & KLM and other global brands like Lenovo and LG.

Daniel has since trained 100,000+ business owners, executives, youth and students from over 20+ countries on the skill of sales as well as mind transformation which is needed to make the sales skill more effective.

Topic: Modern Digital Sales Process, Using Contemporary Customer Behavior

With the continuous change in customer behavior, adjusting the sales process of organizations digitally must be top priority.

·         What are the new and contemporary ways to driving sales digitally?

·         How do customers buy online?

·         What are some of the tools you can use today, to grow your business online and make your e-business a success?

Helio Vogas

Virtual Keynote Speaker | HV International

Hélio is the type of motivational speaker whom will get your audience to feel energized, motivated and ready to take over the world.

Hélio has spoken from local business breakfast groups to TEDx and the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria. From students assemblies to audiences of C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies.

He uses eye-catching demonstrations, humorous interactions with the audience and high energy moments to drive the message home and make it memorable and inspire action.With science-backed and business-proven tips and strategies explained in an interactive and engaging way, Hélio will give the tools your audience needs to become more effective, in a way they will remember and apply!

Hélio uses his background in accelerated learning and as a business owner to ensure all his presentations are easy to learn and applicable in real life. He uses his experience in martial arts, extreme competitive sports to give your audience insights to business that most other speakers just can’t.

On a personal side: Hélio currently lives in Germany with his wife and daughter and loves spending time with them. He is keen to study Judeo-Christian theology and on his spare time, if the weather allows, he loves skydiving.

Topic: "Leading Your Salesforce Through Any Crisis"

The pandemic is pretty much over and although you might never experience another health pandemic in your life, it is almost certain that you'll face other crises. Be it a global financial crisis, a change in data law, a crisis in your industry, in your company, etc.

But how do you lead your salesforce when everything is chaotic and their morale is lower than ever?

Stephen Essien

Professional Certified Coach | Group Customer Exp. Director, d.LightAfrica

Stephen is a commercial leader, passionate about technology and service innovation that change lives, improves stakeholders and shareholders value.

In the last 20 years, he has witnessed and built different Business Strategies, innovative projects and have seen the impact it has on business profitability in different industries. Throughout his career, he has harnessed his passion for improving the quality of life to motivate entire companies with fresh visions for the intrinsic value of products and services in renewable energy, telecommunications, and other industries.

Stephen’s passion for changing lives impacts every aspect of business with the most noticeable influence on customers and employees. In order to really change lives, he believes in developing realistic KPIs, OKRs, and metrics to track success. Additionally, he has over 10 years of experience advising board members on how to transform overall business strategy and multi-year plans, having worked with reputable organizations such as Tigo, Vodafone, ZOLA Electric, Evolution Consult, etc.

As a validation of his career perspective, he has been honoured with being able to speak internationally at several conferences about customer experience, customer acquisition, customer retention, and corporate management best practices.

Topic: "How to Hit Your Sales Goals – Even During an Economic Downturn"

Lord Klukpui

Branding Strategist, Linkedin Profile Optimization Coach |Workplace Global

Lord Klukpui is a Branding Strategist with many years of experience helping professionals and businesses reach their audience through the power of LinkedIn. He specializes in LinkedIn Optimisation, Digital Marketing, Operations Management and Branding. Using the plethora of digital tools available,

Lord is responsible for educating professionals and businesses on how they can effectively reach their goals and targets through a strategic approach. He currently works with Workspace Global Branding Limited where he’s helping shape the dreams of entrepreneurs and businesses in Africa. Lord has certifications in Brand Management, Organisational Design, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing from University of London, Macquarie University, HubSpot and Google respectively.

In his free time, Lord likes to read, take a stroll and chat with family and loved ones.

Lord speaks on "Unlocking your Sales Productivity with the Power of Linkedin"

Yvonne Gyefour

CMO Jumia Ghana, General Management, Strategy, eCommece, Marketing, Sales, ex-Unilever 

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Aretha Yorke Sabeng

DMI Digital Marketing Manager 9Sub Saharan Africa |L"Oreal 

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Henry Asare

Head of Sales and Digital Strategy, Pulse Ghana

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